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Why your business needs SEO (+ how it can help you)


Are you heavily reliant on Instagram for traffic and go into a meltdown whenever there is a change to the algorithm or a new feature is added? πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

Or perhaps your leads/sales slow down as soon as you stop marketing yourself? 😫

If so, creating an SEO strategy for your website would be a great way to generate evergreen traffic that doesn’t rely on you to be switched on all the time

Why your business needs SEO

Like all marketing strategies, there are pros and cons to implementing an SEO strategy for your business


βœ… SEO is an organic marketing channel meaning it doesn’t cost you anything to start using it for your business

βœ… It has a compound impact on your traffic so it will continue to grow over time unlike other channels like social media or paid advertising

βœ… It can help drive the rest of your marketing strategy as you’ll know what your audience is searching for


❌ As SEO is complex, it can take time to understand how to do it correctly for your website which takes a lot of patience

❌ There is also a lot of testing and learning involved so it can take up to 3 to 6-months to see results depending on your niche and how competitive it is

The different types of SEO you can choose from

When most people think of SEO, they think of Google but actually, there are other types of search engines that you can use in your business

Here are the pros and cons of each one so you can decide which one is best for your business ✌️


In case you didn’t know, YouTube πŸ“Ή is owned by Google so it’s the world’s second-biggest search engine (after Google itself)


βœ… The rise of video means that you can repurpose the content across other platforms like Instagram 

βœ… It is much easier to build trust and connection with your audience via video than through any other content medium

βœ… Your YouTube videos will also rank in Google as well so you can take advantage of search volumes


❌ There are a lot of blockers when it comes to video marketing like the technical set-up, lighting and of course the editing itself

❌ Depending on your niche, there is a lot of competition so it may take you a while to start seeing some traction

Want to build a community on YouTube? πŸ‘‡


Google makes up 98% of the global search market so it makes sense that you would utilise SEO to get ahead of your competition


βœ… Anyone can start a blog and you can start from anywhere in the world, even if you go on holiday #laptoplifestyle

βœ… Blogging doesn’t require you to show up in the same way that video marketing does so you can do it whenever you want regardless of what state you are in

βœ… As searchers are already looking for what you are selling, there is a much shorter customer journey to purchase


❌ As mentioned before, SEO for Google specifically is a learning curve and can take a while to pick up

Want to leverage SEO for your business? πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»


Most people forget that Pinterest is actually a visual search engine rather than a social media platform


βœ… Similarly to Google SEO, there are very few blockers to starting an account and Pinning

βœ… The strategy behind Pinterest is much simpler than both YouTube and Google


❌ You do need to have a solid content strategy behind you to start an account 

❌ Pinterest prefers regular and fresh pins so you need to keep on top of the Pin creation to make sure you keep the momentum going

Want to get more email subscribers from Pinterest? πŸ“Œ

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