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4 reasons to use marketing data in your business

Have you ever heard the term “data-driven marketing” thrown around but found it too confusing to start using it in your business? 🤷‍♀️

If so, you’ll be happy to know that you aren’t the only one 🧡

Earlier this year, I reviewed my client intake forms and I could see a clear trend of why my clients had avoided using marketing data for so long

What were they scared of? Here are the four most common reasons

Basing decisions on emotions 😱

The number one reason why my clients were not using data in their business was that they were basing their decisions on emotions 😵‍💫

One emotion in particular – the fear of missing out

The fear of missing out was driving them to second-guess themselves and change things last minute when it came to launching their offers

If you find that a lot of your decision making is based on what is happening around you, then using data can be a great way to anchor the feeling of security 

Data is facts and, with the proper context, will tell you precisely what is going on and what you should be doing next which can help you make decisions in a way that feels good 🥰

Limiting beliefs around numbers 🧮

The second most common was they had a limiting belief around numbers and didn’t think they had the capacity to understand what the data meant, so they just avoided ❌

This is one I can relate to as I don’t think I am particularly great at maths

However, I am good at spotting patterns and trends, which is why visualising your data can be so powerful 💪

If you have limiting beliefs that you can’t use marketing data because you aren’t good at maths, I will encourage you to start visualising the numbers and see if that helps you

Ready to start visualising your marketing data? ✨

Everything was going well, so there's no reason to change anything 🤷‍♀️

Another reason why my clients were not bothered about using data was being things were going well, and they didn't feel like there was a point to changing anything

Until it wasn't ❌ and they couldn't figure out what went wrong because they weren't tracking the right data

If things are going well in your business right now, don't wait until something goes wrong in your business and be proactive about it ✅

Burnt out but scared of slowing down 🧘‍♀️

The last reason really surprised me as some clients were at the point of burnout but felt like if they slowed down and focused on what the data was telling them, they would lose momentum in their business 📉

Instead, they just carried on pushing just as hard until they got to a point where they couldn't carry on anymore and then had to make some difficult decisions

If this sounds similar to what you are going through right now, then implementing marketing data in your business can help you reduce your workload by focusing on what matters the most

Are you ready to implement marketing data for your next launch? 🚀

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