Beautifully branded dashboard to help you track how well your Pinterest strategy is performing

Step-by-step tutorial on how to use the data to increase your email subscribers

Are you wondering if your Pinterest strategy is converting website visitors into subscribers? This dashboard helps you figure it out


Pinterest Traffic Dashboard


This is perfect for online content creators and businesses who are looking to increase their organic reach for their Pinterest account

Who is this dashboard for?

E-Commerce Brands


Course Creators


Bloggers + Content Creators

Marketing Strategists

Social Media Managers



You understand how Pinterest Analytics works but don't know what happens when they land on your website

You are fed up of pinning non-stop and want a clear strategy of how to drive traffic to your website

You are ready to double down on Pinterest and want to know what's working and what isn't

You want to convert your Pinterest traffic and get people onto your email list

Does this sound like you?

This report shows you how well your Pinterest traffic converts into subscribers so you know what your audience wants from you and how engaged they are with your brand

Questions covered: what Pin designs are driving the most traffic?
Which pages and Pins convert traffic into subscribers?

Referral and subscribers 

This report compares your traffic from Pinterest vs traffic from the rest of your marketing strategy so you know how well your strategy is working and if it's worth the effort

Questions covered: how many users are coming from Pinterest?
What pages are getting the most traffic from Pinterest?

Brand awareness and traffic insights 

Have a sneak peek at the dashboard

check the individual reports

Have a strategy on how to improve your Pinterest performance

Get a clear idea on how to convert your Pinterest traffic by getting them onto your email list 

Have a list of your best performing pins so you can double down on those designs and get more traffic

Know what users are doing when they land on your website from Pinterest

By the end of set up, you will...

Here's how


Follow my step-by-step videos to understand how to evaluate your Pinterest performance so you can tweak as needed

Review your data 


Next you can brand your dashboard to make it truly yours with your logo, fonts and brand colours

Brand your dashboard


Copying the dashboard is simple and it takes less than 5-minutes to connect your Google Analytics account

Copy the dashboard


The two tools used for this dashboard are Google Analytics and Google Data Studio - both tools are free and simple to set up

If you don't have Google Analytics already, you can use the tutorial in the mini-course to set it up

You should have available data in your account within 48-hours

Yep, once you've set up your dashboard initially, you don't need to do anything further

The data is updated every 24-hours so there is a slight lag in data, however, this is standard for all Google tools

I do not openly advertise my set-up services but if you need the support, I can do it for you

Set-up service starts from $100 for a single dashboard or $200 for the bundle

In addition to the set-up, you'll also receive any useful insights from your data

Send me a message if you would like more information

No, your purchase is for a standard personal license only and cannot be used with your clients

If you would like to use this as part of your services, you can purchase an additional license for $200

If that is outside of your budget at the moment, I recommend signing up as an affiliate so you can share your link with your clients and get them to purchase the dashboard directly

Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram or email at and I'll try to help you out or share any additional resources I have available

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