Learn how to tag your traffic so you can measure performance and see what is returning on investment

Get to grips with Google Analytics so you know where to find the insights and how to use them 

Want to know how well your marketing strategy is performing? I share this exclusive mini-course we with my VIP day clients to complete as part of their pre-work so we can figure out where their traffic is coming from


Measure Your Marketing

simplify your biz

This is perfect for online business owners who want to leverage data to simplify your marketing, save time and make more money

Who is this mini-course for?

E-Commerce Brands


Course Creators



Marketing Strategists

Social Media Managers



You spend a lot of time creating new content but don't know which specific post, podcast or email sends you traffic

You regularly collaborate with other brands but have no way of tracking performance and whether it was worth it

You've invested money in paid advertising but the recent iOS updates have made it hard to make sense of your analytics

You need clarity on what is working (and isn't) so you can simplify your marketing and forget the guessing work

Does this sound like you?

Jillian Regan, Jillian Regan Photo & Video

"Check it out, especially if you want a helpful tool like the UTM builder & tracker spreadsheet to get started with using UTM's and learning how to get more specific with where your website traffic is coming from to inform your marketing efforts!"


What They're Saying

Where to find traffic insights in Google Analytics

A breakdown of the different types of traffic reports 

How to use the information to make decisions about your marketing

How often + when you should be checking your data

Google Analytics


How to set up your own UTM builder + tracker

Examples of traffic tags you should be using

How to create your own UTMs 

Best practices to stay organisation

UTM Builder + Tracker


The importance of tagging your traffic + how it can help you understand what is going on

The current problem with Google Analytics + why it doesn't give you the insights you need 

The simple solution to fix the problem

Measure your marketing


Here's what we will cover

Jamar Diggs, J Diggs Media

"I’ve spent years trying to understand how to track traffic and this course broke it down in such a simple way. The template is so easy to use too! It’s not just a training that talks about what UTM tags are but gives you resources to take action!"


What They're Saying

Be able to analyse your paid advertising based on which creatives and copy are converting best

Know which call to actions within your emails (think sales emails etc) are driving traffic to your website

Know your best performing social media platforms so you can simplify your marketing

Be able to see how well your marketing is performing so you know when it's time to pivot

By the end of this course, you will...

Danielle, Behind The Scenes Genius

"Pri makes it so easy to understand and tackle this. I've never even looked into UTMs because I thought it was something that was just way too advanced for me. It's not as hard as it may seem"


What They're Saying

Each video is less than 10-minutes so it will take less than an hour to go through all of the content

I've made this simple to implement so you can get everything completed within a couple of hours

Yes, there is nothing technical in this training and I've set everything up so all you need to do is fill in the relevant information and your UTM links will be created for you automatically

Yes, we cover everything in module 3 where we deep dive into Google Traffic

We go through all of the traffic reports, what the data means and how you should use the information to make informed decisions in your business

No, your purchase is for a standard personal license only and cannot be used with your clients

If you would like to use this as part of your services, you can purchase an additional license for $200

If that is outside of your budget at the moment, we would recommend signing up as an affiliate so you can share your link with your clients and get them to purchase the training directly

Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram or email at support@brilliantlyvisible.com and I'll try to help you out or share any additional resources we have available

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