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How to measure your marketing success

Do you know the one thing that will make or break your business? 🤔

It’s your marketing

Think about all the businesses that you admire, and I can guarantee that they have a solid marketing strategy in place to help them consistently bring in results 💰

If you’ve been marketing your business for a while and want more consistent results, you need to start measuring how successful your current strategy is

What is marketing success?

Marketing success looks different for every business and will depend on where you are and what your goals are

The first step is to ask yourself what results do I want from my marketing? Once you know what you want, consider which platforms would help you achieve your goals

📝 If you want a long-term marketing strategy that continues to drive traffic and sales, then a content marketing strategy based on SEO might be the way to go

🧡 If you are a people person and relationship building is easy for you, a client referral program might be the way forward to get leads

🔗 If you want passive income, so you don’t need to be actively marketing all the time, then creating an affiliate program might work for you

3 steps to start measuring your marketing success

1️⃣ Create a measurement plan

Once you know which marketing channels you are going to use, you can start creating a measurement plan to see how they tie back into your business goals 🥅

A measurement plan is a 1-2 pager that highlights all the different KPIs and metrics you need to review to see how well your strategy is performing 📈

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2️⃣ Start tracking your metrics

Next, you'll need to start tracking the metrics from your measurement plan so you can see review the impact of your strategy

The key here is to focus on valid metrics that make an impact on your business, like conversion rate, rather than a vanity metric like Instagram followers

Once you start collecting data over time, you’ll be able to spot trends and patterns that can help you predict how well your marketing is performing

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3️⃣ Automate with a dashboard

Manually collecting your metrics in a Google sheet will only get you so far, and I don’t recommend doing it for too long for two reasons

➡️ You’ll make a mistake at some point during the data collection process, which will tell you an inaccurate story

➡️ The more data you have, the harder it becomes to view trends in a spreadsheet

The solution?

Automating data collection into a visual dashboard so you can easily see trends and patterns 📊

Having a simple system like this can make measuring your marketing success simpler, so you know whether you need to change things up a bit to get the results you want in your business

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