At the end of 2021, Jackie decided to take one of these incredible opportunities which meant she had to revisit the systems and processes she had in place to make sure she can scale without breaking anything

After realising she needed a new data tracking system, Jackie reached out to get a custom sales funnel and conversion dashboard to make sure she knew exactly what was happening behind the scenes

Jackie has seen her business skyrocket since she pivoted during the pandemic

She has invested a lot of time, energy and money into understanding her audience (therapists) and helping them transition from in-person to online 

This has led her to having a 6-figure year with her new business model and opened up exciting opportunities

Jackie Sunga - Launch Strategist and Conversion Copywriter

client background

Jackie was heavily relying on spreadsheets to manage all of her data tracking but there was no clear system so it was very messy

Her VA was tracking the sales coming in from Dubsado but sometimes Jackie was sending out bespoke invoices via Stripe so sales data was not accurate

As Jackie works as a funnel strategist, she regularly tests tools and was jumping between different email providers which made it harder to track metrics

What problems did Jackie have in her business?

Jackie's customer journey to sign up to her email list and purchase her strategy sessions were on multiple domains

There was no clear strategy to why Jackie was using multiple platforms so to make things easier for her and her team, we moved everything over to her main domain to provide a seamless experience for her audience

While standalone landing page providers like LeadPages are great, I always recommend keeping as much of your journey on your domain as the last thing you want is one of your supplier's servers to go down during a launch

Simplified her customer journey


Jackie was using a mixture of Dubsado, PayPal and Stripe as her payment invoicing/processing which was proving to complicate tracking her sales figures

We reviewed what she needed from a platform and moved everything over to ThriveCart which allowed us to capture all payments in one place to power her sales dashboard 

ThriveCart gives you the flexibility to set up both standard packages for your services as well as ad-hoc ones for anything that you want to offer as an one off

Reduced payment platforms


As Jackie and her team weren't using UTMs in their marketing, we had no clarity on which marketing channels and campaigns were driving and converting

When I reviewed Jackie's data, it was really clear that she had a strong content strategy that she could take advantage of but as she wasn't using UTMs, we didn't know exactly which campaigns and pieces of content were driving traffic

I often find that clients are not using UTMs because they find it really complex to set up which is why I create a custom tracker for all my clients to use

Optimise her marketing strategy


Jackie went from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated to having a clear and organised process that meant she didn't have to worry about manually updating things

Jackie and her team are now able to market their services and find out exactly where people are coming from thanks to the UTM builder

When someone lands on her website, there are two very clear journeys - one to sign up to her email list and another to sign up for her strategy sessions

The custom dashboard is the icing on the cake as Jackie can view everything in one place

A clear and organised launch system


Here's what I did for Jackie

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