My client is an award-winning modern baby essentials brand selling items like blankets, changing mats and home decor

Before working with me, they were already ranking for some keywords but the majority of their traffic was coming from paid advertising and paid social media

As the pandemic hit, they found a surge demand for their products increase which meant they started to review where their traffic was coming from and how they could reduce marketing spend

Award-winning Baby Essentials Brand

client background

As i am sharing financial information, I've removed any details that would identify the client


RESULTS: 46.2% OF OVERALL TRAFFIC FROM GOOGLE, $227,461 revenue in a 12-month period which was a 8,244% return on investment 💰

Paid advertising was becoming more costly as more smaller businesses start to use Facebook ads

They had recently designed a new website and had seen a slight dip in organic traffic that they want to recover

They wanted a more sustainable marketing strategy where they weren't reliant on other service providers (social media managers etc)

What problems did my client have?

The client has designed the website in-house so the design layout of the homepage and navigation were not set up to convert

By using keyword research, I was able to redesign the top navigation to make sure the different categories were clear and users could find the products they were looking for really easily

The homepage was also redesigned so it included information about the brand and the awards they have won to showcase their expertise in a competitive market

Improved site structure


My client was using the same keywords again and again across the website which meant that she wasn't showing up for more relevant keywords

After researching the different product type, I updated the main category pages so they would start ranking for the highly niche yet competitive keywords that their customers would be looking for

I also de-optimised pages that were competing against each other so it was clear which pages Google should rank

Updated category pages with relevant keywords  


As the client was already well established in their industry, I reviewed where bigger brands in their niche were getting backlinks

This helped my client secure more press and get valuable backlinks which built their website authority

As their website authority was increasing, we were able to target the more competitive keywords that drive more traffic and sales

Find backlink opportunities from competitors


With nearly 50% of all traffic coming from Google (46.2%) to be exact, the client made $227,461 revenue in a 12-month period from SEO only which was a 8,244% return on investment 

The client has continued to win more awards as their brand has become a market leader in their industry

They've also branched out into other categories like baby furniture and expanded their ranges to meet their client demand

The client is no longer reliant on paid advertising


Here's what I did for them

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