Marketing Tips & Strategies for Launches | Pri Kruijen

Did you freak out when you got an email from Google saying they will sunset the current version of Google Analytics in 2023? I had several clients forward me the email and ask me if they needed to get it set up, and I imagine they weren’t the only ones wondering what was going on […]

Do you get a cold sweat whenever Instagram makes a change to their algorithm? 😵‍💫
Read why your business needs an SEO strategy and how it can help you

Planning a launch in the next 60-days? 🙌
If so, you need to create a measurement marketing plan for your launch so you can pivot your strategy in real-time

Are you measuring the right metrics in your business? 🤔
Read about the two types of metrics and which ones you need to measure in your business and why

Have you heard of Core Web Vitals? 👩‍💻
Core Web Vitals is a ranking factor for Google that focuses on user experience
In this blog post, find out how you can improve your website

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