Once I’ve figured out the new concepts you need in your business, I create stories to give you insights that are easily digestible for you and your team

Working with me is a creative process and there will be plenty of breakthroughs and revelations along the way as we transform and update what you are already doing 

After our time together you'll have clarity and feel empowered to start making decisions without second guessing yourself ✨

Often I find my clients already have the answers they need but they don’t know where to look

That’s where my 13+ years of marketing experience come in as I can take your ideas and figure out what needs to be done to create momentum 🚴‍♀️

As a strategist, I’m always looking at things from different perspectives and you’ll often find me skipping non-essential steps along the way because I've mastered how to do things quickly by spotting patterns easily 

I'm a multi-passionate creative force here to guide you and give you direction 🎯 in your business

Hey there! I'm Pri

I had a strained relationship with my parents as a teen which led me to moving abroad in my early 20s

When the 2008 financial crisis hit Europe, I found myself without a job and eventually, without a home

I was homeless for 18-months and I promised myself that I would never let that myself get into that situation again

It wasn't until I set up my business in 2018 that I truly felt a sense of security and calmness in my body knowing that I could provide for myself 🧡

It's taken me a long time to become financially independent where if needed to I could walk away from anything that isn't serving me but it wasn't always the case

i want to help you become financially independent 

I love astrology and use it every day in my business (I'm a 🦁 with a Taurus moon and Aries Rising)

I lived in Barcelona, Spain for 10-years and met my husband Peter at a Drum and Bass rave🤵

I love spicy food and put chilli 🌶 on most of my meals like spaghetti and beans on toast  


Usually hanging out with me in the office...

my husband, Peter 🧡

our snowshoe cat, ivy 🐱

My experience

I always find it hard to talk about my accomplishments without sounding like I'm up my own arse so here are some facts that you should know about my career

✨ I spent 5-years climbing the corporate ladder and working for not one, but two multi-award-winning teams (Re:signal, an SEO agency and MoneySuperMarket, the only in-house team in the top 10)

✨ One of my last projects for Re:signal is up for an award this year which I am very excited about

✨ My work is regularly shared at industry events as best practice

✨ I help my client make $227,461 revenue from SEO during the pandemic which made up 46.2% of their overall traffic and their 8,244% return on her investment 


table of the most recognised SEO companies around the world

The Soup Kitchen is a charity in my hometown of London that supports 150 vulnerable people every day with nutritious meals, mental health support and toiletries  

The Soup Kitchen

Lendwithcare is a micro-finance website that supports entrepreneurs in developing countries to work their way out of poverty
So far I've been able to sponsor women in Ecuador, Zambia, Vietnam and Cambodia which has created 30 new jobs and helped 96 family members


Important causes I support

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