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Google Analytics has a wealth of data that can overwhelm even the most experienced SEO, so it doesn’t surprise me when I speak to CEOs who just don’t look at the tool. 

If you aren’t using Google Analytics to get under the hood of your business, you are missing out on valuable insights that can help you scale your business effectively and increase your profits. 

While it’s easy to get lost in the data, there are three key questions that you can use to understand what is going on in your business. These are a great starting point to figure out how to plan your upcoming launch or review your last month’s marketing.

How many conversions were completed?

Most Measurement Marketers will tell you to look at your traffic sources first, but I think focusing on where your conversions are coming from is a better place to start.


Because we all have all make assumptions about how well our marketing channels are performing. You may prefer one over the other (Instagram over Facebook any day of the week over here!) and spend more time on the platform without realising it doesn’t convert as well as you thought. 

  • Head to Acquisition – All Traffic – Source Medium in your account and review the three columns under Conversions
  • You’ll need to have custom goals set up in your Google Analytics account to know how well each conversion performs
  • Depending on how many goals you have set up, you’ll be able to review each one by filtering via the drop-down menu
  • Make a note of what is converting well and see how that is matching up with your current goals. Perhaps you are promoting a webinar for your next launch, yet people don’t seem to be interested, or your contact form is not converting as well as it used to
  • These are the things you’ll need to investigate further and test to make sure it is working OK

Which page converted the most goals?

Now that you know which goals have converted the most on your website, you can review the pages driving the most conversions. 

Know which pages are converting the best on your website will help you understand what resonates with your audience. This content can then be repurposed on your social media platforms to drive more conversions.

  • Look for the secondary dimensions filter under source/table at the top of the table 
  • Type in landing page into the search box, and you’ll now have a list of pages added to your table
  • Make a note of these pages so you can review the UX of the page to understand what you’ve done well that can be replicated across your website

Where did these conversions come from?

Finally, review which marketing channels these conversions came from. This will give you an idea of where you should be focusing for the specific conversions you want. 

Some further questions you may want to consider:

  • Do these align with your marketing strategy?
  • Can you tell where your team has been spending their time by looking at the data? 
  • Are there any channels that don’t convert as well as you thought they would?
  • What can be cut from your strategy?
  • Where do you need to invest more time and resources?

By the end of this analysis, you should have enough insight to know what you need to focus on next in your business. 

If you found this useful and think you’d benefit from having all this information automated for you in a simple dashboard, then check out my CEO Day Marketing Dashboard.

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